I’ve listened to nothing but Eminem’s new album for two weeks. The album, his best since Recovery, is chock-full of absolute bangers. Here’s the definitive worst-to-best rankings of all 17 tracks.

#17. In Too Deep – A weak forced stop-and-start flow and a rehashed premise of a half-dozen earlier Eminem songs, done better in Check out “Superman” or “River”.

#16. I Will – A forgettable track that should have been scrapped from the end of the album, after “Farewell” and “No Regrets” wrapped up the album nicely.

#15. Premonition – I don’t remember this song, no matter how hard I try. A lackluster opening track to an otherwise-great album. It doesn’t help that the first half of the track is an Alfred Hitchcock intro.

#14. Yah Yah – This song is just trash. BUT, at least I remember that it’s trash.

#13. Never Love Again – The better of the two “romantic” tracks on the album, but inconsistent on the rhythm.

#12. Lock It Up – Nothing particularly wrong with Emimen’s flow, but Anderson .Paak is a terrible featured artist.

#11. Unaccomodating – Young M.A. has almost half the track to himself, and the two artist’s verses are very disjointed.

#10. Leaving Heaven – Skylar Grey is, once again, a great combo with Eminem. Outside of choppy storytelling, the track is pretty good. This is the middle point of the worst-to-best scale.

#9. No Regrets – I personally prefer “Farewell” as a closing track on the album, but Eminem being reflective on his career is sobering.

#8. You Gon’ Learn – Another song with perhaps too much featured artists, but solid bars pair nicely with a solid subject matter.

#7. Farewell – Should have been the final song on the album.

#6. Darkness – The “social issue” song of the album. Hyper-focused, inside the brain of a killer, and making a important and relevant point about gun violence in America.

#5. Little Engine – An upbeat track that’s fun to see Eminem enjoy himself. Reminiscent of “Berzerk.”

#4. Marsh – The “Marsh” character is the new “Slim Shady”.

#3. Those Kinda Nights – An awesome club track that just makes you want to dance.

#2. Stepdad – Angry Eminem is the best Eminem. Nothing but raw, concentrated emotion.

#1. Godzilla – I originally wasn’t a big fan of the track, but the more I listened to it, the more it became my most-listened-to track. Awesome bars, disses and skills on display in the new “Rap God”.

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